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    Free Wi-Fi @ Cousin-s
    Your favorite Cousin’s meal now comes with complimentary Wi-Fi. Get some work done, check email, connect with friends…for free !!


    You need a Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) enabled device. Most newer laptops have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.

    Older versions may require a separate Wi-Fi card, which you can purchase at most larger electronics retailers. Any chip or card that has been certified for compliance with the Wi-Fi wireless LAN standard (IEE 802.11b) can be used. More and more PDAs and even cell phones are now Wi-Fi enabled. A manufacturer or service provider can help you identify these devices.

    Connecting is simple: When in the Cousin’s restaurant, just turn on your computer (or PDA),
    select “Wayport_Access” from the available wireless networks and open the Internet browser. You will be pointed to the Cousin’s page where you can select the CONNECT button.